Brakes Battle Ground WA


Brakes Battle Ground
Brakes aren’t just important for vehicle safety, they are a crucial lifeline. The main braking system is made up of pads, rotors, and lining. Stepping on your brakes engages them, and wears them down over time. Brakes aren’t meant to last forever, and changing them at the right time can even save you from costlier rotor replacements. For all things brakes, Battle Ground relies on the specialists at Alignment & Brake Specialties.

Indicators You Need New Brakes!

Brake pads are built to alert you when they need to be changed. A squealing noise means their effectiveness will become compromised with continued use. Depending on your vehicle, other signs may include:

  • Your brake warning indicator is active.
  • Braking requires extra pressure.
  • Braking requires very little pressure.
  • Braking causes the vehicle to pull left or right.

  • Braking creates a loud grinding sound.
  • Braking causes smoke or tires to heat.
  • Short drives cause the tires to get hot.
  • Brakes only work with continual pumping.

Your Trusted Battle Ground Brake Experts

We provide complete diagnostics, repairs, replacements, and maintenance brake services for your brakes and braking system. Our shop is prepared to handle any domestic or foreign cars or trucks. With comprehensive services, you’re just a quick stop away from a safer ride. Just some of our services for brakes Battle Ground customers can expect include:

We’ve been providing trusted services for brakes to Battle Ground drivers for over 20 years. Our passion for great service has remained high, and repeat business and word of mouth referrals have helped us to grow and expand our shop. As a leading brake facility in Battle Ground we provide thorough services and affordable pricing. When you need brakes think ABS and call (360) 695-0118 or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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