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Don’t Wait On Brakes

It is a no-brainer that brakes are a crucial part of a vehicle and its safety. The main braking system is comprised of brake pads, linings, and rotors. Pressing on the brakes creates friction which stops your vehicle. Over time, this friction wears down the brake pads and they need to be changed. Not changing them can cause a metal-to-metal pressure which will eventually warps the rotors. Before this happens, bring your brakes into Alignment & Brake Specialties for new brakes in Vancouver WA.

Signs You Need New Brakes

Brake pads are built with a small strip of metal in them that will make a squealing sound when the brake pads get low. Most people know that when they hear that sound, it is time to replace the brake pads. Here are some other signs you many have a problem with your braking system:

  • Your brake warning light comes on
  • The brake pedal is difficult to press down
  • The brake pedal is too easy to press down
  • The vehicle pulls to one side while braking

  • There is a loud grinding when you brake
  • Smoke or heat comes from the tire area when braking
  • Wheels are hot after only a short drive
  • You have to pump the brakes for them to work

Trusted Brake Experts in Vancouver, WA

No matter which kind of brake system your vehicle has, our technicians have the expertise to repair or replace them. We are able to work on both disc brake and drum brake systems in any foreign or domestic car or truck.

Whether you just need new brake pads, you need to replace the brake line, or you need larger parts of the braking system, such as the power boost or master cylinder, replaced or repaired, Alignment & Brake Specialties is the place to get it done. Our stellar reputation and word-of-mouth clientele has been built on years of delivering excellent brake service in Vancouver, WA.

Our Vancouver, WA brake services include:

As a locally-owned business we care about our clients—because you are also our neighbors. We hope to see you driving around town and we care that you are doing so safely. Each brake installation and repair we do is treated like it was for our own car.

Our brake shop has the necessary diagnostic tools and only the most experienced certified technicians. Every job is done carefully and with complete reliability. That is because we know how important your car’s brakes are! That is why we guarantee all the work we do. It is important to us that you know your vehicle’s brakes have been restored to perfect working condition.

Call or stop in today!

Contact us at Alignment & Brake Specialties today if you suspect you may have any problem with your braking system. We will get you back on the road safely at a price you can afford.


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