Shocks Vancouver, WA


The shocks in your vehicle are there to make your driving smooth so that you can easily control your car. Functions such as smoothing out your vehicle while it leans into a turn are important to allow the driver to safely make the turn. Too much jostling around and a driver becomes unable to steer straight. At Alignment & Brake Specialties our certified technicians are specialists in diagnosing and replacing shocks in Vancouver, WA.

Signs You Need New Shocks

Shocks Vancouver WAThe main way to notice a problem with the shocks in your vehicle is the bumpy ride. If you bounce when going over your average city street then your shocks are probably wearing out. Another sign is when you come to a stop and the car’s nose dives down. Here are some other warning signs to look for:

  • The front or rear sags down while parked
  • Excessive bouncing
  • The vehicle swerves more than it should while turning
  • Difficulty controlling the vehicle, especially at sudden stops
  • Bottoming out over speed bumps

Trusted Shocks Professionals in Vancouver, WA

As a locally owned and operated business we care about you. As neighbors on the same roads, we want everyone to be safe and comfortable in their car. That is why all our technicians are certified experts with many years of experience. It is also the reason we guarantee all our work. We know the work we do will get your shocks in Vancouver, WA back to excellent working order, and we want you to know it too.

Our business has grown from a small, community auto shop to the go-to specialist for what we do. Our stellar reputation comes from years of caring for each shock and strut repair like it is for our own car.

The stability of your car’s steering and stopping are related to healthy shocks. Of course, so is the comfort of your ride. Keep yourself and your vehicle safe on the road by calling Alignment & Brake Specialties today for your shocks in Vancouver, WA.


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