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When a vehicle’s suspension system is out of alignment you generally feel it in the way it drives. Often you feel rocking while going over even minor bumps in the road. A car also tends to drift a bit when steering around corners. These are signs that you may need the shocks or struts replaced. When your car needs repair or replacement of the suspension, Vancouver, WA trusts Alignment & Brake Specialties to get it done right.

Signs You Need Suspension Replacement

Suspension Battle Ground WANot getting shocks and struts replaced when they need it can create other problems with your vehicle. The lifespan of most shock absorbers and struts is generally around 50,000 miles. These important components help keep you in control of your vehicle. When they begin to break down, you will feel more bumping up and down and shaking as you drive.
The steering is also effected when these systems begins to go, so you may notice your steering wheel feels shaky. As the vehicle begins pulling to one side or another, when the steering becomes less smooth, it will likely cause the tires to wear unevenly. This reinforces the pulling of the car to one side.

Here are some signs that your vehicle may need suspension system repair:

  • Bouncing while driving
  • Shaking in the steering wheel
  • Leaning or swaying on turns
  • The nose points down sharply when brakes are applied
  • Stiff or noisy steering
  • Leaking from socks or struts
  • Uneven wear on the tires

Trusted Auto Suspension Repair in Vancouver, WA

Having grown from a small business into the name that Vancouver WA knows and trusts, we still maintain our locally-owned, family-style business. As your neighbors in Vancouver WA, we care about you. Our certified, licensed technicians treat the suspension system in your vehicle our like it was our own.

Having state of the art diagnostic tools gives us the ability to pinpoint the precise problem so we never do more work than is necessary—and we never charge for more than is needed. Our technicians are experts in suspension systems in foreign and domestic cars and trucks. All our services are guaranteed, for your peace of mind.

Contact Alignment & Brake Specialties for a diagnostic review of your suspension system in Vancouver, WA.


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