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Alignment & Brake Specialties

Located in Vancouver, right off of St. John’s Road, Alignment & Brake Specialties is one of the best locations for alignment and brake repair in the area. We service all different makes and models, and the quality care you receive here will keep you coming back again and again for future auto repairs. Locally owned and operated, Alignment & Brake Specialties started out of a small facility 20 years ago and has since grown to become one of Vancouver, Washington‘s top diagnostic shops. No matter the task, we have the skills and knowledge to ensure that your vehicle continues to run perfectly smooth.

Alignment-Brake-Specialties-Vancouver-WAWe have built our business on foundations of trust and strong customer service, which means we do our best to give the best service to each and every customer who walks in the door, no matter the trouble or concern. When it comes to automotive repair, we know a lot of people are suspicious, but Alignment & Brake Specialties is a location you can trust with your car. Our fast and reliable work is always guaranteed and we are more than happy to go over detailed information if you have any questions about the service we provide.  If you are interested in booking a diagnostic service or wish to have some work done on your car or truck, then feel free to give us a call today.

We will work directly and openly with you, giving you recommendations or suggestions about courses of action to take in regards to your vehicle. We want you to have a good experience while you are here and after the repairs have been completed. We are trained to handle all sorts of different alignment and brake concerns, meaning whatever you have to throw at us, we will be able to fix it up and get you back on the road. If your car is leaning a little to one side or making strange noises when you apply the brakes, give us a call or bring it in and we can get you fixed up today.