Wheel Alignment Vancouver, WA

Wheel Alignment

Hitting a large pothole or unseen speed bump are common ways of throwing off your car’s alignment. Although it does not take something so dramatic for your car or truck to get out of alignment. It can also happen with regular use over time. There are three major measurements that may be involved: the caster, the camber, and the toe. At Alignment & Brake Specialties we are experts in calibrating all parts of a vehicle’s wheel alignment in Vancouver, WA.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment Repair

Car wheel fixed with computerized wheel alignment machine clampWhile the toe is the main part of most modern vehicles that needs to be aligned, our wheel alignment specialists can work on any car or truck, no matter how old. Keeping your alignment is not only the safe thing to do, it also saves you money. When alignment is off, a vehicle’s tires will wear unevenly, lowering their lifespan. But, for the most part, you just don’t want to be swerving around while you drive because your car won’t drive straight.  Here are some ways to know your car is out of alignment:

  • Your vehicle drifts to one side
  • You have to steer with the steering wheel off-center to go straight
  • Your tires are wearing faster in one area than others
  • A loose or vibrating steering

Trusted Vancouver, WA Wheel Alignment Specialists

As local alignment specialists in Vancouver, WA  Alignment & Brake Specialties is the go-to place to bring your foreign or domestic vehicle. We started as a small, local business and have grown in reputation and size, while still maintaining our local company care.

Living and working in Vancouver, WA means we are all on the same roads. When you are safe, we are all safer. We think of every wheel alignment job as if it were for our own vehicle. That kind of dedicated care has earned us a stellar reputation in Vancouver. People know our services are guaranteed and our technicians are certified, experienced, and reliable.

At Alignment & Brake Specialties our state of the art alignment tools allow us to precisely align your vehicle at a cost you can afford. Call us today to get your car or truck driving straight and driving safe.


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